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About ICT

The International Commission on Trichinellosis (ICT) is an international organization of scientists who 

are interested in any aspect of Trichinella or trichinellosis. The ICT is a member of the World 
Federation of Parasitologists, through which it is affiliated with the International Union of Biological 
Sciences.  In its work, the Commission cooperates with national organizations and international 
organizations (e.g., WHO, OIE, FAO, etc) who are concerned with the control of Trichinella.


The Commission functions to exchange knowledge on the biology, physiopathology, epidemiology, 
immunology, and clinical aspects of Trichinella infection in animals and humans and provides 
guidance and recommendations on the prevention of exposure of humans to this foodborne parasite.

The key functions of the Commission are:

  • to serve as a knowledge resource on the subject of Trichinella and trichinellosis in animals 
    and humans;

  • to promote and facilitate scientific studies relating to all aspects of the parasite and the 

  • to develop and elaborate statements, guidelines and responsible opinions concerning various 
    aspects of the parasite, the disease, and its prevention and control for use by national and 
    international organizations and authorities;

  • to organize an international conference (at four year intervals) and other interval meetings for 
    presentation of research findings, reports, and workshops on relevant subjects; and,

  • to encourage opportunities for mentorship of talented students by supporting and recognizing 
    their contributions to research on Trichinella and trichinellosis

History of ICT
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