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             Members of the International Commission on Trichinellosis

The International Commission on Trichinellosis was established in 1958 in Budapest, Hungary in recognition of a need for communication among Trichinella experts worldwide. The Commission is governed by By-Laws and Policies and Procedures which establish key responsibilities and functions.  There are approximately 120 members of the Commission representing 49 countries from five continents.

The Commission is governed by a 10 member Executive Committee.  The current members and officers are as follows:

Officers                                     Executive Committee Members

                                     President                                  Dr. Ljiljana Sofronic      Dra. Mabel Ribicich              Prof. Bretislav Koudela
Dr. Joke van der Giessen          Serbia                           Argentina                             Czech Republic

Vice President                          Prof. Antii Oksanen          Dr. Isabelle Vallee           Dr. Brad Scandret
Dr. Dante Zarlenga                    Finland                              France                            Canada
United States

Secretary General                    Prof. Mingyuan Liu                               Im
mediate Past President 
Dr. Karsten Noeckler                  China                                                   Dr. Alvin Gajadhar
Germany                                                                                                 Canada
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